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  • Tom started reading comics back in 2000 after the first X-Men movie was released in theaters. He has a rich knowledge of the Chris Clairmont and post 90's X-Universe. Tom has also been reading a large variety of Marvel titles consistently for the past 20 years and has a good understanding of the modern Marvel Universe. He's also an abid reader of Image Comics and has deep love for independent comics. In 2013 he started Pencil and Ink Reviews with his best friends Joe Talluto and John Bruske and has been podcasting ever since. You can contact Tom on our Twitter or by emailng us.


  • John Bruske is a entrepreneur and the owner of the PodBros podcast network. He's also a big horror buff and a Star Wars fanatic of epic proportions. In 2008, Tom got John hooked on comic books during Marvel’s “Dark Reign” period and Mr. Bruske has been reading comics ever since. He is an avid reader of the Punisher, Deadpool, Hack Slash, The Walking Dead, and DareDevil as well. John was one of the first hosts on the show and continues to be a part of the team when he can find time from his busy schedule and responsibilites. We hope to have him back on the show this year in 2020.


  • Joe Talluto was introduced to the world of comic books in the 90’s with the X-Men but lost interest after a few years. In 2009 he attained a position at a local comic book shop and befriended Tom and John while working there. It was while working at the comic book shop that he was reintroduced to the modern world of comic books. Since then he has been an avid reader of New Avenger’s, Avengers, and most of the major events that have taken place during the past 10 years. He is a professional sound engineer and responsible for most of the magic that happens behind the scenes at Pencil and Ink Reviews.

Ashley Meidanis

  • Ashley has always been an avid reader and her first comic loves included traditional newspaper strips such as Calvin & Hobbes and a variety of mangas, especially Sailor Moon. After starting a romantic relationship with Tom, she was introduced to the world of Marvel comics. After a few years, Ashley grew tired of the superhero genres with the exception of the occasional graphic novel from Image Comics. She enjoys reading books that are off the beaten path and currently joins us on our monthly independent comic book podcast.

  • Tom


  • Tom Curry is a web comic artist and writer from England and joined the team back in 2019 after friending Tom on Twitter. He currently produces a fun web comic called SkelliBob that you can find and read at where he publishes the coimc in his own free time. Tom has a great love for comcis and art and is a valuable new addition to our podcast team. You can catch Tom Curry's first episode on the Podcast by checking out our most recent review show covering the first few volumes of Rick Remenders Deadly Class!

  • Joe


  • Joe Moreno is a good friend of Tom and Ashley and has been a fan of comic books since he was a kid. As an off and on reader of comics, Joe jumped back into Marvel Comics back in 2013 and has been reading full time ever since. Joe often does indepdent comic book review podcasts with Tom and helps pick out a great deal of the comics that get sent to us from creators requesting reviews for the indy comics show. Joe currently has been traveling a great deal for work, but is hoping to have time to start podcasting with our team again.