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Imported from Detroit

  • D.C. Through The Ages Episode # 1

  • Posted - March 19, 2017

  • Tom is joined by Tim from the HowlerMouse YouTube channel for the first episode of D.C. Through the Ages! In this epsidoe the duo cover DC Rebirth # 1, Rebirth Super Man # 1, Rebirth Batman # 1, and also travel back in time to cover the classic first appearances of the Dark Knight, Superman, and the Justice League.


New 52 Reviews Episode # 4

  • Posted - March 4th, 2016

  • Tom and John get together to cover D.C. Comics Universe wide event Convergence.


    • New 52 Reviews Episode # 3

    • Posted - Nov 19th, 2015

    • Episode Link : NEW-52 # 3


    • Tom is joined by John Bruske to discuss the first episode of the second season of Gotham and what they predict will happen. They also touch a little more on the up comming convergence D.C. event that is due to hit story shelves next month.

  • New 52 Reviews Episode # 2

    Posted - March 31st, 2015

  • Episode Link : NEW-52 # 2

  • Tom receives a strange email from D.C. Comics Public Relations office which gives Pencil and Ink reviews exclusive inside access to the Convergence D.C. universe wide event. Joe and John join him enamored with the idea that D.C. comics would email us and we spend the next 60 minutes schilling the event to you the listener. The gang looks back at the history of the Crime Syndicate from Earth 2 and theories what Brainiac’s motives are for his master plan. ┬áThe trio then spend the remainder of the show discussing the television series Gotham and what they’ve enjoyed so far from it.
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  • New 52 Reviews Episode # 1


Posted - December 9th, 2014

Joe and meets up with John to lay out the ground work for our first New 52 DC Comic Book show. Most the podcast episode is focused on reviewing the new Gotham TV show on F.O.X. as they cover episode 1 and 2.