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Marvel Comic Reviews!

  • The Pen and Ink crew will be finishing up Marvels "Marvel Now" era as they work their way toward Hickman's Secret Wars. They will then be moving on to the highly Criticized "All New All Different Marvel" era that has been the subject of great criticism online. As always we do a deep a dive into the storylines discussing the action in the pages and give our thoughts on what the writers and artist are doing with our favorite Marvel heroes.

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    Updated (11/05/2017)

Retro MarvelReviews!

  • The Pen and Ink crew travel back through time to the 1960s; the decade in which the modern comic was birthed by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. The cast will attempt to review Marvels mightiest heroes from their first appearance to their current incarnation today. They will also discuss how comics have changed over the years, the epic storylines of the past you know and love.

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    Updated (4/02/2020)

Indie Comic Reviews!

  • The Pen and Ink crew review the hottest creator owned indie comic books from publishers like Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite, Oni, IDW, and Boom Studios. As always we'll be discussing various storylines, plots and how the books differ from their super hero competition. If you don't have an interest in traditional corporate owned super hero comic books then this is the show for you!



DC Through The Ages!

  • Pencil and Ink crew dive into D.C. Comics new Rebirth Era. Once they've agreed upon a pull list they will also be tackeling retro issues from the decades of D.C. comics incredible and historic super hero universe that has shaped the medium over multiple generations of readers. As always we do a deep a dive into the storylines discussing the action in the pages and give our thoughts the writers and artist behind the scenes.

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    Updated (05/19/2017)

Retro Pie Time!

  • Joe and Tom take a break from comic books and jump into their second love, Retro Gaming and tinkering with their Retro Pies. In this show will be discussing what were doing with our self made retro gaming stations and what games we've been playing on them. Will also talk gaming news, anything modern were playing on Steam or console, and much more. If you're into retro gaming or just a gamer in general check out our newest show!

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Random Shows!

  • A random monthly show where you never know what the crew will be talking about or reviewing. Subjects may vary from movies, comics, cartoons, TV Shows, or anything and everything inbetween. Tune in to get to know our team a little bit better and to take a break from our usual podcast shows. Literally anything is fair game and on the table for discussion on this show. It's unpredictable, It's crazy, and it's totally random! So join us on this roll of the dice!


  • Up next on Wednesday Marvel Comic Reviews we continue on with where we left off on Dan Slot's epicly hilarious run on Superior Spide-Man. Will be crashing through issues 6-33 culminating with the Spider Verse event and the final 16 Amazing Spider-Man issues before the start of Johnathan Hickman's Secret Wars.


  • On our next episode on our Indie comic book review show will be covering "Drifter" by Ivan Brandon and Nick Klien. Described as an action adventure story set in a dystpion alien world with plenty of monsters, psychdelic art, and fantastic science fiction fun. Join us for in depth review and disucssion on this fantastic comic from Image Comics!

The Road To Secret Wars

Uncanny X-Men

2-35 + Issue 600

Complete Spiderverse